Shipped within Europe (Fast, Smooth & Hassle Free Delivery)

  • Dispatched Within 24-72 Hours With a Tracking Number
  • Safe & Discreet Packaging
  • 100% Refund/Reship If Package Gets Lost in Transit*

*It is your responsibility to closely follow the shipment tracking information. There is no reship or refund if your package is returned by the post of your country due to wrong shipping address, were not able to accept the package at your address for whatever reason or were not able to pick up the package from your local sorting office. We will 100% refund or reship 30 days after dispatch ONLY if the package is undelivered for any other reason apart from those listed above.


  • Due to The Nature of The Product We Cannot Accept Returns!


  • 3-9 Business Days For UK and Europe
  • 7-14 Business Days For United States

*If you have not received your package in 15 business days days after the above stated delivery time, please Contact Us.

  • 100% Secure & Anonymous Payment Processing
  • Western Union and Moneygram accepted
  • Debit & Credit Card Payments Accepted Via Bank payment Linkj
  • Bitcoin wallet payment accepted
  • Live Aurpay crypto checkout

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We have taken the time to provide clear and detailed guidance information at checkout stage for all 5 available payment methods .Please refer to the checkout and proceed with confidence.

This is the most popular payment method

Crypto Payment made easy and live at checkout stage

Manual bitcoin wallet transfer for customers that are geared up with crypto

Please ensure that the amount we receive is correct

Please ensure that the amount we receive is correct